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Sri Thaiyalnayagi Vaithyanatha Swamy Dhanvanthri Petam is a public Charitable Trust founded by the Author Shri K.S. Muthukumarasamy Gurukkal to inculcate spiritual awaking in the minds of Public to lead a peaceful life and promote harmonious understanding between people. To run Educational Institutions for the benefit of the public in regard to Veda Agama Educations, Arts, Religious, Culture, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Agriculture, Communication, Information Technology and all or any other disciplines an branches of knowledge.

The activities of the Trust would be conformed to the territory of India In case of willing up or dissolution, the met funds would be transferred to institution having similar objects and enjoying exemption under action.11 and 80 of income tax Acts 1961.

The funds of trust shall be solely utilized for the objects of the Trust and no part of the income or funds of the Trust shall ensure to the benefit of the Author of the Trust or of the Trustees (either directly or indirectly) excepting in respect of transactions carried out in the course of the trade or business of the Trust if any.

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Sri Thaiyalnayagi Vaithyanatha Swamy Dhanvanthri Peetam

Key Services

The aim of Sri Thaiyalnayagi Vaithyanatha Swamy Dhanvanthri Petam is to run the trust...

Agni Kaariyam

What is Agni Kaaryam? in Tamil, Telegu, Englist & Kannada...

Spiritual details

Spiritual details in both English and Tamil...

Vaidhiyanatha Astakam

The meaning of Vaidhiyanatha Astakam...

Moola Mantra Shatru Samhaara Trishathi Homam   Read more


A tour of pure sight

A set of photos of the sights of Vaitheesvaran Koil and its surroundings, take a tour...

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Videos about the religious things of Vaitheeswaran Kovil

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Address: No: 25, South Madavilagam, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Seerkazhi Taluk, Nagapattinam (Dist) 609 117.

Cell: 96298 89365, 94437 09191, 89408 19149

Phone: 04364 – 279196

Whatsapp: 90472 23848

Email: iyapansamy21@gmail.com


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